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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Best Colourful Sarees To Wear During Summer Breeze

Summer is the best time to relish all tasty fruits, various vegetables, vibrant dresses and amazing festivals. Have you heard of mango festival in Delhi during Summers? If not, you must try it. Do not miss the bebolicious dresses or say saree, either! They are available in most beautiful colour palettes, hues, designs, styles and patterns. Where most people strictly ...

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A Woman’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dress Color to Suit Your Skin Tone?

Choosing the right color combination of dresses for office or party can be very intriguing let alone your dressing sense. It is great to be comfortable in your own skin, but it is basically better if you are able to find the right colors that perfectly accentuate your skin tone and you look as graceful as you wanted to be. ...

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Top Sport Sunglasses

In modern world it’s impossible to avoid stress. People are always pressed for time and can’t get rid of constant tension. But it’s in practicing sports we may stop for a second and to relax both mentally and spiritually. For everyday activities it’s a must to have stylish sunglasses that will accompany you during your work outs. We suggest you ...

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Get Experimental and Look Hot in Traditional Kurta Pyjama This Season

Do you know there are so many ways style and fashion can be turned into an approach for men? This may sound you a bit silly, but it’s true! There are many types of apparel that you can see yourself falling back on and kurta pajama is one among them. The fashion designers always remain experimental and come with their ...

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Three Stunning Anniversary Gifts to Surprise Your Beloved With

Wedding anniversary is the special day of celebration in any couples life. While getting into the lifetime matrimonial bond, they vow to stay by each other no matter how tough it gets. And with each passing year, as both the partners get to know each other more, they get closer and their bond strengthens. Each marriage anniversary is a sign ...

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Have your hair shine bright with Sun kissed highlights in San Diego

As a woman, hair styling is very essential. Every girl is always ready to take that extra care of her hair, and what better way to do it when you can avail the top hair styling facilities. From a model to a teenage schoolgirl, everybody prefers to visit a hair stylist once in a while, and you will be pleased ...

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