3 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Suit

Work. Pleasure. Special events.

You need at least one basic item of clothing to go to these different occasions. What would that item be?

You guessed it. A suit.

Suit Up

 They say that a man must own at least one decent suit. This rings true as a suit is versatile piece of clothing that can be used in a variety of ways.

Young gentlemen look dapper in suits during school dances. A job applicant wearing a suit gives off an air of professionalism. Bespoke suits also speak power when worn on crucial work meetings or negotiations. Casual chic suits worn with confidence and élan on a spring day present a carefree and cool vibe.

Whatever the reason for wearing a suit, it is undeniable that wearing one gives off a certain air of sartorial elegance. Especially when you have a suit made to measure your body, you tend to have that poise that comes from a perfectly tailored piece of haberdashery.

That is why it is important to choose the right suit. There are a multitude of choices when it comes to color, style, and cut. To help you find “the one”, here are 3 simple considerations to take note of:

1. Fit

This is of utmost importance when buying a suit. More than the brand or the money you spend, your suit should fit you to a T.

When choosing suits, go for the one that suits your body type the best. Assess your body. Are you a health buff who subsists on quick energy foods and has attained the perfect “V” shape? Go for a single-breasted suit with one or two buttons. Avoid narrow and skinny suits as that has the tendency to make you look like your muscles are bursting out of the seams.

If you’ve got unflattering areas especially near the belly, opt for a cut that is more generous around the bottom half of the jacket and offset it with wide lapels and strong, square shoulders.

You have to pay particular attention to the shoulders. You don’t want to look like a human coat hanger so go for suits with a shoulder line that doesn’t slouch down on your shoulders or doesn’t hang off your hands.

2. Quality

A suit that is made of good material not only lasts longer but also looks better. Suits made from low quality materials tend to look shabby and will probably have a shorter shelf life than those that are meticulously made.

Suits can be made from different fabrics ranging from cotton to cashmere. There will be a difference in the price, and how much you are willing to spend will depend on you. If you can part with a little bit more cash, suits made of cashmere, silk, or velvet are the more luxurious choices. Cotton, polyester, or viscose, on the other hand, are more competitively priced good alternatives.

However, keep in mind that going for more expensive materials does not guarantee good quality. Careful attention to detail and skillful tailoring definitely come into play. Even if you choose silk for material but your suit is not measured to fit your body, then the quality (and you) will suffer.

3. Occasion

One of the most obvious criteria when choosing a suit is the occasion where you will be wearing it. You have to mind this point as wearing the wrong type of suit can make you miss whatever look you were aiming for. You do not wear a casual cotton suit to a black tie event much like you don’t wear a dinner suit to a daytime beach party.

There are different suits for different occasions, so do your research. This is important so you can be comfortable in your suit wherever you are. You don’t want to sweat it out in an event only because you bought a suit made of the wrong fabric. You don’t want to lose brownie points in a job interview only because you’re wearing an ultra-casual summer suit. The key is to sync the suit to the event so you will look like the dashing debonair that you are.

It Suits You

When you choose the right suit, you give off the vibe that you are a man who knows what he wants and takes great strides to get it. It also shows how you have patience to go through the process because you appreciate the value of good craftsmanship that goes into every bespoke suit.

A suit does not make the man but a man who chooses a good suit makes a good impression. When you chose your suit properly, you will also feel good. And when you feel good, you will certainly look like a million bucks.


AlphaSuit is the brainchild of Master Haberdasher, Sean McKee. Over a span of more than two decades, Sean has provided custom suits to some of the most successful leaders in America. With AlphaSuit, he now brings this same premium service to you, but at 60-70% less than the traditional price.