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Blouse – an indispensable part of saree

Throughout history, different events have played a great role in changing people’s way of dressing. However, there are some fashions which have successfully stand the test of time and has never gone out of style. They have just experienced little changes for keeping up with the trends. One such fashion is ladies blouses. Every woman who is fond of wearing sarees searches for new blouse designs along with amazing patterns. This history of women blouses goes back to as early as 18 the century. This was the period when workmen, artisans, peasants wore blouses made up of silk or cotton having a loose design, which used to gather near the waist by a waistband. Cotton blouse emerged as a practical formal wear in the year 1890 and became a part of normal working women’s outfit. Women employed in an office had a formal skirt and simple blouse as the standard dress code.

History of blouses

1900 and 1910 were the period when lingerie blouse having lace and embroidery ornamentation became very chic. Trucks and pleating based Gibson girl blouse were highly fashionable during this period. Blouses were slowly becoming a daytime as well as a formal evening staple. In the 20’s all kind of women’s top were called by the name shirt or blouse. During the 1920s the low cut V-neck shirt and the cotton jumper blouse came into prominence. These cotton jumper blouses when paired with a belt or a sash up to hip length used to look really classy and elegant and were in trend during this period.

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Available in different designs

These days most of the designers are busy reconciling the elegant past with the contemporary style. The 1920s trend is back with a little twist. Various blouse designs like princes’ cut design, Chinese collar blouse, full sleeves blouse with transparent sleeves can be seen nowadays. Although trend repeatedly changes with time, some stand the test of time. These blending of conventional with contemporary are creating a buzz in the market today. A lot of leading ladies of B-town are wearing saris or lehengas with beautiful designer blouse. The intricate look along with unique designs will make you fall in love with designer blouse. These blouses have fabric works which give them a sensuous look.

Sari is the oldest and the only surviving unstitched garment that has passed the test of time with success, the blouse is its inseparable part. Every woman search for a designer blouse with amazing patterns. Everyone loves to be in trend. Indian women not only look gorgeous in a sari but also uphold their tradition and culture. Thus a proper blouse design is very essential. Many people say that it was from the ancient time, the art of weaving cotton into fabric came to India. Sari being an economic and easy to wear the garment and suitable for all type of work is preferred by all women. However, the history of the blouse is different from that of the sari. Blouse has a western origin.