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Can a Pepper Spray Bottle Save your LIFE?

You may have always reached home safely; you may have always reached office safely; you may have always been traveling to bars, restaurants, clubs and beaches alone at nights and returned without being stalked; you may have gone out with your friends, dropped them home and then driven back to your house by driving on isolated roads and nothing must ...

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Plan and Execute Your Events Successfully Through Event Planners

Whether it’s a marriage party, birthday party, family reunion party or a corporate party, people would like to remember it forever. Hence, proper planning and organizing is required. Event preparation needs extensive arrangements so it is better to hire professionals to handle the occasion effectively. A party planner is a thorough specialist and knows how to handle the situation well. ...

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Top 10 Necklines for Wedding Dresses

One of the finest and most important details of a wedding dress can rightly be considered a neckline. It is a zest of a bride’s wedding image. 1. Classic ‘Straight’ Neckline Restrained straight strapless neckline perfectly underlines collarbones as well as fragile shoulders and arms. It is suitable if you have decided to make the main focus of the wedding ...

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How to Become the Best Wedding Photographer in Town

When it comes to photography, there are endless possibilities. Although, it has been categorized into many branches, yet the purpose of getting unique photos makes this profession a lot more attractive and challenging as well. As a wedding photographer, you’ll always look for something different and unique, even when the wedding wasn’t so contemporary. In fact, it becomes the biggest ...

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