Essential Items When Leaving the House


They say your home is your castle and this is certainly true.  However, even the best person must leave their castle from time to time.  Making sure your castle is safe is one priority when you set out; the other is to ensure you have everything you need to tackle the day ahead.

This is where your mental list of essentials comes into play.  The actual list may depend upon where you are going or your specific tastes.  However, there are several things which no person should ever leave home without!

Your Wallet

If you are out and need something you will need to pay for it.  Even in the modern digital age you will need a card or some cash.  To ensure you have this you will need a cool wallet, such as the ones you can purchase from Naked Wallet.

Although these wallets appear to be just simple leather bands, they have been carefully designed to ensure the funds held within them cannot move.  They are also perfect for carrying bank cards.

However, the wallet serves an additional purpose to carrying a means of payment.  The cool wallet described can also carry an identity card.  It could be a national identity card, a driver’s license or one you have created yourself.  The point is that there is an instant means of identifying you should anything untoward happen.

This is perhaps the greatest reason to carry a cool wallet with you.  Anyone will be able to quickly locate the cool wallet and find out who you are and if you have any medical conditions; as well as whom they should contact.

Your Phone

It is unlikely that most people will forget to bring their phone out with them!  If you look around you it will become instantly apparent that the phone is the lifeline for many people, not only can they not go three feet without checking it; they cannot even make it out of their homes without adding a social media post!

Your cell phone does have an additional purpose; it can act as additional funds through the range of contactless mobile payment solutions which are now being developed.  It will also provide all the relevant contact details for the emergency services should anything happen to you.  It will speed up their ability to give you the right treatment.


Although the smart home is becoming increasingly popular ad powerful it is not used widely enough to allow you to leave and return without the use of a set of keys.  Although it is highly likely that this day is not far away!

You will also need to have your car keys as these suffer from the same issue as house keys.  Both of these are still essential items and complete the most important trio of belongings which need to go everywhere with you.  In fact, you would probably feel naked if you didn’t have your cool wallet and other accessories with you!

It is worth pointing out that many women will also want some basic items including make-up and this is why they need hand bags; the average male can carry everything they need in their trouser pockets.