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How to Become the Best Wedding Photographer in Town

When it comes to photography, there are endless possibilities. Although, it has been categorized into many branches, yet the purpose of getting unique photos makes this profession a lot more attractive and challenging as well.

As a wedding photographer, you’ll always look for something different and unique, even when the wedding wasn’t so contemporary. In fact, it becomes the biggest challenge for you to convert that old-fashioned wedding into a remarkable one with your skills and experience. Quite frankly, experience doesn’t count that much since you’re looking for fresh and trendy photos.

Anyhow, you should have all the basic skills and equipment for the wedding. This post is all about becoming different and making your mark in wedding photography. If you’ve heard about Boundless Wedding photographer, you’d definitely be aware of their talent too. This post is just a glimpse of why they’re the best wedding photographers in Toronto.


  1. Communicate Clearly

Before the event, clearly communicate to them what services you are prepared to offer for the price they pay.

  • Do you include digital files?
  • How many hours of work will you shoot?
  • Are you going to shoot the reception too?
  • Is there a travel charge?
  • What prints are included?
  • Will you do an album?

Provide answers or face the wrath of bridezilla.

  1. They Don’t Run Out of Juice

Your batteries–not punch.  One battery is unlikely to make it through the day.  Head over to and spend $20 to get another battery for your camera.

  1. Pay Attention to the Memory

Use a camera with dual cards slot so that you can double up each snap. Moreover, don’t shoot with fewer than 30 gigs of memory cards in your bag.

  1. Bride, Groom and Their Siblings

You’d be the worst person on planet had you missed any of them in a wedding. If that’s the joke ask those wedding photographers Toronto who were fined for their mistake.

  1. Stay inside Your Skin

The more you think about being different the more opportunities you’ll lose. Just be what you are and do things that you’re best in doing. In this way, you’ll come up with the best wedding album.

  1. Give them Space – Get Out of the Way!

The last thing you’d want on a wedding day is to make the couple irritated because of your presence. Make the photography a fun part of the wedding, but be invisible wherever possible.Give them some space and throw on a longer lens for these moments.

  1. Don’t Miss the Details

Take a photo of the bride’s ring sitting on the preacher’s Bible, a picture of the buttons on the bride’s dress, a picture of the cake topper, etc. These things will make your album unique and different from others (simple, isn’t it?)

  1. Slow Down

Your job is not to shoot 2000 snaps in a wedding, you have to take around 100 to 150 very good pictures. So, slow down and relax. You’ll get better opportunities to take even better snaps.

  1. Include the Landscape in Album

Show up early to the event and take some nice shots of the venue to include in the wedding album.

  1. Allot half of the Time You’d Spent with Bride and Groom, for Pictures

Because, half of the time will be spent on correcting poses and direction.