Jeans Are Back With A Bang

Athleisure is a trend that keeps gaining more and more popularity all around the world. While sweatpants and meggings are no doubt very comfortable and fashionable, you can’t wear them with oxford shirts now, can you? Denim, on the other hand, is a thick, strong cotton fabric, that suits all climates and occasions. Denim jeans are practical, classic, and durable. It’s 2017 and denim trends for men are crazier than ever, because who says fashion must revolve around only women? Designers are coming up with uncountable new creative cuts, styles, types, and designs that are in line with the aesthetic requirements of men. It might have taken a while for denim to regain its stolen charm, but it’s back with a bang. The trend of the jeans is not going anywhere, and you better save up some money!

  • 1) Tapered jeans:

The trend of the skinny jean has been around for quite a while now, and it’s slowly and gradually making its way out. However, it’s not completely gone, and you better make most of that. The tapered jeans are a better-fitting version of the skinny jeans, that wrap themselves tightly around your legs and give a sleek, tidy look, but fit better around the waist. These skin-tight jeans can go with any type of shirt, except again, the collared shirts. 

  • 2) Slim-fit Jeans:

So you want something snug that isn’t too tight and can go well with dress shirts as well? Slim fit jeans are the answer. While tapered jeans might come off as slightly too feminine to some men, the slim fit jeans – a tweaked version of the skinny trend – are made specially to fulfill the requirements of the male aesthetic. These jeans look more flattering on healthier legs because the silhouette is designed in a way that elongates your legs, so beware skinny people with skinny legs! Check a big variety of skinny jeans for men from men’s trendy clothing website Differio.  

3) Cigarette Jeans:

As the name discloses, the cigarette jeans are shaped like cigarettes. You can also call them straight jeans. These jeans look super hip when rolled a bit from below. They might be a male version of the ‘boyfriend jean,’ which is great because they offer a lot of room without being too loose and unruly.

4) Decorative:

It’s the 21st century, and designers want to create gender-neutral apparel. Creative floral/geometric designs, colored embroidery, and exotic stickers are being used to decorate denim for men. Not only does this give a fresh change from the dull, simply male apparel that we’ve seen for decades, but it also individualizes male clothing.

5) Rips :

Rebellious, exciting and hippie, the rips are back, and they’re here to stay. You wouldn’t believe the number of different styles in which tears have returned! You can wear these with a simple shirt that needs just a little bit of accessorizing to light things up. Checkout the ripped jeans for men from New York mens clothing online store

6) Coloured Jeans:

Women are not the only ones you’re going to see in colors other than black, white, and blue. Men are starting to explore colors as well, and of late, we’re seeing them experiment with orange, yellow and red colored denim. Life can get super bleak and dreary sometimes, so not only is it fashionable but also therapeutical to introduce vibrant, funky colors to your wardrobe!

Jeans are almost always the answer when you’re confused about putting together a look. However, one must be careful when purchasing something that they’re going to want to use almost every day, because you want it to be durable and last a while. It’s always a good idea to invest in more money for something that you’re going to use frequently. Designer jeans are the way to go, because they offer not just stronger, more reliable material, but also because they allow you uncountable different designs that you can choose from according to your personal taste. So get money saving, and go for it!