Leave everyone shocked using neutral colours

Since the beginning of fashion, neutral colours such as black, white, grey, beige and navy have been and always will be very necessary when dressing. You can never be wrong in using this range of colours, as they are synonymous with simplicity, sophistication, elegance, neutrality and balance.

What are the neutral colours?

There are 5 neutral colours (white, black, navy blue, grey and beige), they are so named because they can combine with each other and also with an extensive range of more colours.

To always look elegant combines maximum 3 colours to each other, where the third colour is minimum or in accessories or in another garment that complements your clothing, such as shoes, belt, watch, bag, chew, tie, handkerchief, etc.

Let’s see what clothes we can use with each of them:

1. White color

It is the neutral color that we sometimes underestimate because we imagine the typical smooth white shirt or blouse, which has been used again and again, but there are a lot of garments that we can use also in white and sometimes we do not contemplate, for Example, Blazer or casual sneakers, moccasins shoes, cotton or linen trousers, casual shirts with double cuffs in another color, male accessories (watch, scarf, cloth belt)

The white colour will help you look cool and reliable. In 883 Police you will find a gamma of men’s clothing of this colour that you can combine it with any other. They are 100% cotton and of high durability and you can adapt them according to your personality.shoes

2. Dark blue colour

It is the most recommended colour in suits and dress pants (thin wool, cotton and linen) that should be used during the day to replace the black colour, as this is more appropriate at night. In spring the dark blue colour helps you to project a touch of authority in your work, but combine it with light colours.shoes

In spring, it is more advisable to combine it with white. However, 883 Police offer you a more casual outfit you can wear a navy blue knitwear and sneaker of that colour or if you want the touch of authority in your image you can wear a sports bag or blazer of thin wool in navy blue.

3. Gray color

It is a very noble colour because it has several shades. Light grey communicates confidence, while dark grey projects a message of authority but with less rigour than black. It is recommended for suits, trousers and blazers of thin wool. The grey colour can be on a pair of moccasins, white pants and shirt or yellow pole.

883 Police have a more sporty proposal with grey shirts and jackets that you can use them for any occasion and combine them with other colours that are very appropriate for grey such as orange, a very dynamic and cheerful colour, turquoise blue, emerald green, Light red, salmon, etc.

4. Black colour:

He is the king of neutral colours. It is worn throughout the year, it abounds in everyone’s wardrobe but that does not mean it is more appropriate for the spring season. It projects authority, power, leadership and sophistication.


883 Police has excellent options with this colour, from jeans to swimwear to give you a neutral look that suits your needs