Led shoes this Christmas? – Know all the Qualities to Look For

Light up shoes are all the rage these days because they are comfortable and they can improve the look of any plain outfit because they are funky. These shoes look like the normal ones however; they have a strip of LED lights at the bottom of the shoe, which changes colour. These shoes are highly popular amongst teenagers as well as adults.

The LED shoes come in a wide variety and the companies have been improving these sneakers by adding various additional elements like the USB charging or the interchangeable batteries. If you are planning to purchase a brand new pair of LED shoes, you need to make sure that you look for some quality in them. In this article, we will be discussing all the qualities, which should be there in your new LED shoes, some advantages, and the disadvantages of them.Image result for Led shoes this Christmas? - Know all the Qualities to Look For

Learn about the advantages and the disadvantages of your LED shoes


  • Easy to use – they are extremely easy to use and you do not require any special equipment to operate them.
  • Comfortable – they are highly comfortable as they have cushioned insides, which also make them lightweight.
  • Attractive – they are highly attractive and they will appeal to you and the people around you more than an average shoe.
  • Suitable – they can be worn by anybody and these shoes are suitable for any gender.


  • High maintenance – these shoes are difficult to maintain because they are required to be taken care of properly and hence you will have to spend a lot more time and money on their maintenance.
  • Expensive – some are more expensive than your basic sneakers.
  • Non-durable – they are not quite durable because the LED lights tend to fade over time.

Know all the qualities that you must search for in your new LED shoes

There are various qualities, which you must look for in your new light up sneakers. Some of them have been mentioned below –

  • Comfort and size – make sure that the shoes, which you are buying, fit you perfectly and are comfortable to your feet.
  • Technical qualities – many LED sneakers can be connected with your smart cell phone to access Google Maps and other apps. Most are in their inception stages but the led sneakers have paved a way for an interesting future for sneakers.
  • Cost – it is essential to go for the regular LED sneakers because the high-tech can cost a lot.

You can find a wide variety of these sneakers on various online websites.