Looking for your first baby stroller

Perhaps you are a new parent and have started to look for things in preparation for your child’s arrival; cot, clothes, diapers and most importantly, cheap baby strollers. What are some things to look out for when shopping for your first stroller? What is the safety standard and how to ensure your child’s comfort when in the stroller? These are all valid questions, and hopefully, we get some of your questions answered today. For more details, visit babyinastroller.com!

Features in a stroller

  • Seat Adjustment

Stroller seats that offer a wider angle of recline would be best for your child as it has the flexibility to cater to different situations in everyday life from playtime to when your child wants to nap. There are two kinds of seat adjustment mechanism – a lever or a knob. For a lever usually means that seats have fixed recline positions, which can be toggled between while knobs give a wider range of recline flexibility for more options.

  • Canopy Material and Design

The canopy material determines the comfort of your baby’s ride as it controls the amount of sunlight and wind that your child is exposed to. Depending on the climate of your region, choose materials, which are weatherproof. Be it breathable cotton or waterproof polyvinyl varieties; the canopy design should be specific to your preferences, and the extent of coverage you want for your child. Premium strollers in the market allow full range coverage to ensure complete protection against the elements. Stroller canopies should also come with a peek-a-boo feature for parents to check in on their child even as they push the stroller around.

  • Seat Material

Good quality seat materials are firm but not rigid, giving the child comfort but at the same time having good support. Aside from your baby’s comfort, choose a seat material, which would be easy for cleaning and maintenance on a day-to-day basis. Two types of seat materials allow for easy cleaning – waterproof and stain proof seat cover designs, as well as removable seat covers that can be machine-washed.

Of the two, the removable seat covers are the better option as they are made of a softer material for your child and being removable, they allow for a deeper and more thorough cleaning.

  • Storage space

Storage space is essential when having a baby, as there are so many things you will need to bring along with you. Most strollers come with spacious undercarriage storage, which gives parents the space to place all the things they need to bring along.

  • Wheel size and layout

One of the most important features to think about based on terrain where you are. Some strollers have double wheels, which allow for better shock absorbency, others have the suspension to give a smooth ride for your child. The best wheels, in any case, are those with a plastic core and rubber casing as it ensures a sturdy support with protection for continuous friction wear-and-tear.