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Top 10 Necklines for Wedding Dresses

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One of the finest and most important details of a wedding dress can rightly be considered a neckline. It is a zest of a bride’s wedding image.

1. Classic ‘Straight’ Neckline
Restrained straight strapless neckline perfectly underlines collarbones as well as fragile shoulders and arms. It is suitable if you have decided to make the main focus of the wedding image on a piece of jewelry in the décolleté zone.
The basic rules for this neckline are ideal leather of the décolleté zone and narrow shoulders.

2. ‘Heart’ Neckline
One of the most popular necklines, a ’heart’ one, will suit all brides . It slightly exposes the upper part of the breast and serves as an independent adornment of the décolleté zone.

3. ‘Dropped Shoulders’ Neckline
This type of neckline is also called a portrait, it resembles a slipped down mitten or a flat collar on the shoulder line. A dress design with such neckline is perfect for women with curvy shapes as the neckline visually enlarges the shoulder line thus helping to brighten up the figure flaws.

4. Slash Neck
Slash neck, a classic wide slightly curved shallow neckline, typically outlines the collarbone level and is suitable for any figure type. It visually increases the breast area. A wedding dress with a slash neck is best combined with pinned hair curls.

5. Ballerina Neckline
A traditional oval or U-shaped neckline is often called ballerina neckline. It ideally emphasizes the beautiful curve of the neck and hands and is best suited for girls with a narrow face.

6. Square Neckline
A square neckline is suitable for almost all brides and focuses on the neck, which must be in perfect condition. It also visually enhances the breast.

7. V-Shaped Neckline
It is one of the most popular neckline types among girls and brides. Deep and revealing or small and modest, this neckline is suitable for all types of figures. After all, it visually extends silhouette, lengthen the neck, hides large breasts or distracts from the big breast type.

8. Halter-Neck
This type of neckline implies open arms, but closed shoulder line. It is suitable for tall girls and owners of broad shoulders, as it perfectly conceals these figure flaws.

9. ‘Jewel’ Neckline

This is a modest and elegant neckline going under the neck, at the place where a necklace is usually worn. It may be completed with a row of buttons, stand-up collar or lace inserts.

10. Asymmetric Neckline
A neckline with one asymmetric strap or sleeve is the best solution for extravagant brides. This neckline elegantly underlines the collarbone line and delicate neck, therefore, broad shouldered brides avoid dresses of this design.