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Two Beauty Treatments Men Seek At Modern Spas

As we near the end of the year you might be surprised to learn that the Men’s Grooming industry will likely do about $21 billion in revenue; and that is just in the United States.  While it could certainly be argued that this is due to the growth in popularity for beards (and thus, a need for beard grooming products) men all over the world are taking better care of not only the hair on their face but also the hair on the top of their head and their skin too.  Some experts speculate that the massive growth Deauville au Masculin services and styling products has skyrocketed at least 300 percent over last year.

Looking more closely at the numbers though, the data shows that men are, in fact, using much more hair and skin products than in recent years past.  In 2015 alone, 25 percent of all salon customers were men, which is a significant jump over previous years.  And these men who are choosing to book appointments at the salon over the barber shop are not just looking for more precise haircuts. Indeed, although hair care is the primary reason men are going to the salon, the industry has, in fact, seen quite the surge in a male customer base requesting also things like massages, facials, and other health and aesthetic maintenance that have long been popular among women.Image result for Two Beauty Treatments Men Seek At Modern Spas


Men and women alike appreciate a healthy skin tone.  Now more than ever men are seeking artificial tanning and spray tanning services to help make their bodies look more contoured and sculpted.  As a matter of fact, quality spray tanning can actually make it look like you have a 6-pack.


You may be surprised to learn that men are also seeking botox procedures to get rid of fine facial lines and deeper wrinkles. This might seem like a service only sought by the youth-hungry Hollywood elite but it is a growing trend among many men who simply want to have more confidence in their appearance. From the board room to the bed room men are aware that while the “distinguished gentleman” look is still popular, looking—and feeling—young is also just as desirable in many ways.  

However, it seems that men and women seek botox for different reasons. Women might want to treat the corner of the outer eye while men tend to favor the space between the eyes. Men also seem to favor botox treatments under the arm as it can actually help to reduce excess sweating.