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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Fashion Files: Stay Neutral

How would you describe your day to day style? Would you call yourself an adventurous dresser? Some of us are trendsetters who follow the latest trends and experiment with different colors and patterns as the seasons change. If animal prints are in this year, you’re the first to splurge on a leopard print handbag! As soon as you find out ...

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How to customized enamel pins to promote your business

These days, enamel pins are something wonderful and can help to promote the business smoothly. It is also known as lapel pins because they are tiny, metallic accessories for bringing it for business considerations. Of course, these pins are well designed and support for individual statement pieces. Perhaps, the enamel pins are highly associated with promoting an event even it ...

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Men Should Own Only Three Types of Sunglasses

The fashion world is at its picks, and every next day it picks up a bit higher than the previous day. Sunglasses are a big part of the fashion industry, and it completes the fashion statement of various types of wearing. Fashion companies are coming up with many designs of sunglasses, and you can’t even know how many types of ...

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Flameless Lighters: What Are They and Why Should Use

Among many modern innovations, the flameless lighters are the most admired ones which are the combination of cutting-edge technology and eye-catching design. Not to mention that lighters are the compulsory tools for daily life. And, they will help you achieve a better lifestyle. First of all, the design of them is pretty and highly fashionable. Then, there comes the superb ...

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Don’t Miss A Chance to Make Autumn Fashionable

In case you don’t like fall and claim the season ruins your efforts on looking gorgeous, the experts of Cattifly have prepared a few interesting ideas on creating balanced and at the same time very stylish outfits for the season. First of all, we need to figure out what is your goal here? If you are not afraid of feeling ...

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What to Wear During Fitness Training for Women

You’ve decided to hit the gym and you’ve found one that is just perfect. Gym clothes are one of the first things that you will need to get. This is probably the easiest thing you will do concerning your workout but it’s important all the same. Like every other thing, the gym requires that you dress in a particular way ...

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