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How the Hottest Ring Designers use 3D Printers

That sounds unreal, doesn’t it? Actually it may surprise you to learn that 3D Printers are used by jewelers, yet oddly enough, the one thing they are not used for is to print out the finished piece of jewelry. You wonder why? After all there are 3D printers that can print out pizzas and apparel and, well, just about anything. ...

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9 Factors to Consider When Buying Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing or adapted clothes are articles of clothing meant for handicapped, elderly, infirm and post-surgery patients who find it hard to dress themselves because they are unable to put on the buttons and zippers or because of the lack of full motion needed for self-dressing like arthritis sufferers, paraplegics etc. Adapted clothing also makes the dressing and undressing process ...

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