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A Woman’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dress Color to Suit Your Skin Tone?

Choosing the right color combination of dresses for office or party can be very intriguing let alone your dressing sense. It is great to be comfortable in your own skin, but it is basically better if you are able to find the right colors that perfectly accentuate your skin tone and you look as graceful as you wanted to be. According to, there are few ground rules one must follow to dress up the best according to skin tone.

Best Dress Colors for the Deep Skinned Women

All deep skinned women are ravishingly beautiful. To add to their beauty, there are certain dress colors they should be adding to their wardrobe to look equally sensual or graceful as they want to portray themselves.

  • Bold colors like deep blue or cobalt blue look amazing against dark skin. You can easily carry that look if you are heading out for casual parties or date nights.
  • Pastel colors like light yellow stand out if you have dark skin and bring out a confident look in you.
  • Ruby red colors look great on ash skinned tone and look as desirable as you have always wanted to.

Wear these colors to look appealing and attractive.

Best Dress Colors for Medium Skinned Women

Medium skin-colored women enjoy the best of the both skin tones. They look good in most of the colors barring one or two. Here’s the list of dress colors they looks fabulous in.

  • Metallic colors – both silver and gold – look great if adorned by these pretty ladies. You would look bold, confident and fearless.
  • Wear grey color on regular days to look your best even during the most dull days.
  • Look gracious in emerald green color. You will look royal and fabulous

Best Dress Colors for the Pale/ Fair Skinned Women

Pale skinned women look great in every color outfit they wish to wear. But, there are colors that totally compliment your skin color. You might reconsider wearing such colors if you haven’t already.

  • Camel colors or brown colors look really classy and can be worn as office wear dresses or casuals.
  • Black color is contrasting and that is why it makes you look more attractive and sensuous.
  • Pale shade of green is one of the rarest colors, which only pale skinned girls can confidently wear and yet look eye-pleasing. You can make heads turn by flaunting dresses of this shade.
  • Blush pink or millennial pink is yet another shade of pink, which most people don’t feel confident enough to wear but you can carry that colored outfit very graciously.

Selecting favorite dresses is not rocket science, but carrying them confidently is definitely a tough nut to crack. Wear some uncommon colors, which help you stand out from the crowd and look unique and beautiful inside out.