Gold As A Main Wedding Color: Pro’s and Con’s

Metallics are a hot trend for brides and bridesmaids everywhere. In the past, metallics were used for accessory items only. Some brides are dressing their bridesmaids in the shimmering color for an elegant look which allows her to stand apart in her beautiful gown of ivory or white. Adding a gold belt or bow completes the look.

Not to be outdone, groomsmen are getting in on the action with gold suits. Grooms accent their suit or tux with a gold vest, cumberbund.

There are pros and cons to using this bold color. We will discuss them below.

Pros to using gold as your primary color

  • Gold comes in many finishes and hues.

There are so many colors and variations of gold or gold embellished dresses, you can find a color that works on everyone.

  • Shiny or shimmering gold brings out the warm tones in the wearer.

To determine if a person should wear gold, look in their eyes for gold flecks. A woman who has these gold flecks can wear traditional gold fabric beautifully.

  • Gold gowns do not need to be accessorized.

The gown does not need to be accented. Wearing too much jewelry will take away the chic style of the dress. This means less money spent on the wedding.

  • Gold dresses are easily worn again.

A holiday party, New Year’s Eve celebration, formal dinner, or a special date are all opportunities to wear this beautiful color.

  • Metallic gold is ultra modern.

Using symmetrically designed fabric with clean lines is perfect for the modern woman. However, a shimmering fabric drapes beautifully and is easily transformed into a traditional A-line or mermaid style dress.

  • Daring and different

While the bridal industry has been incorporating gold into their lines for a while, it is still unusual to see a non-traditional fabric. This gives your wedding a customized look that people will remember.

Photo credit: Fotografia.Ges

  • Dresses in gold can be overpowering

Gold dresses are expected to be bold. Beautiful women in gold can draw the eye away from the bride. Balancing the dresses is often a challenge.

  • Gold is considered for a formal event

Because gold is more classy than classic, it is usually reserved for a black tie wedding. This means your wedding should take place after six.

  • Gold for bridesmaids should match

There are so many textures, designs, and hues of gold, that your bridesmaids may all be wearing gold but look completely different. Most brides tend to have all the bridesmaids dresses made identically.


Gold is a beautiful color for weddings. From bridal gowns to venue decorations, it always brings a touch of class and elegance. The biggest issue brides face while using gold is overkill.

Click this link for professional help. You can find a color, design, and embellishments that flatter all the women in your wedding.

Gold fabric is not all the same. Ask your bridal shop for swatches of the fabric to take to the groom. Their suits or their embellishments need to match the bridesmaids. It is easy to ruin the look of the wedding if you do not have all attendees wearing the same shade of gold.

The extra attention to detail may be tiring, but it is all worth it when you pull it off. There is nothing more beautiful than a golden wedding party. You will be the perfect bride framed in shimmering gold all around you. Your wedding will be fit for royalty.