Help Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend Select Her Surprise Engagement Ring

When you know everything about your best friend and learn her boyfriend wants to find a unique engagement ring for her, here is what to do. Some men need a little help when it comes to picking out jewelry. And some best friends have their heart set on a surprise marriage proposal.  You know… the one she’s been dreaming about since she was a young girl. If she is that girl, then it is definitely time to intervene.

Helping him find a unique engagement ring that she will love might take some effort and persuasiveness. He probably has an idea of what he would like to buy, which is not the same thing as what she may want.

Lisa Krikawa, award-winning designer and founder of Krikawa Jewelry Designs, has been helping men select engagement rings for decades. “It’s not necessary to ruin her surprise. It’s a matter of steering him in the right direction. It boils down to learning what type of stone she loves along with the setting, metal and style. Typically, men select a diamond solitaire in a simple setting in a white metal, like platinum, sterling silver or white gold. Men rarely stay apprised of current trends and possibilities.”

Her Checklist

Use what you know about your friend. Is she a trendsetter, a trend follower, classic, classy, unique, bohemian or conservative? If you don’t know specific answers to the answers below, find a way to ask without revealing the motive.

  1. What precious stones does she like?

While many women prefer sparkling white diamonds, fancy colored diamonds are being worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, and Carrie Underwood. Fancy colored diamonds are unique and make a fashion statement. The most common fancy colored diamonds include yellow, pink, blue, and green.

  1. What’s her favorite stone shape and style?

There are so many gorgeous ways to cut a diamond, most women have their favorites. See the above chart to help determine what she will love.

  1. Standard setting or custom and unique?

The most common ring setting is called a prong setting. Prongs are what hold the stone in place and are rounded, flat, v-shaped, and pointed. Many women love prong settings because of their ability to put a spotlight on the precious stone. Others stay away from them as they can get snagged on clothing and other materials. Both can be spectacular.

Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner

Unless he has impeccable taste and no budget, you will be doing your friend a big favor by getting involved. With the most romantic holiday of the year right around the corner, you may need to move quickly. So as not to insult him, remind him that you know her inner most secrets and visions. You’re only interested in helping him find the most ideal and unique engagement ring for her, not trying to get in the way. Most men would be grateful and in fact, might also want an opinion on the surprise proposal that is being planned. Steer him in the direction that will make your BFF the happiest. That is the goal! (P.S. She may need to do the same for you some day!)