Many Companies Market Custom Made Lanyard

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A customised lanyard is a common ID accessory that is worn around the neck to display an ID card or some other form of identification. Custom lanyards are also referred to as imprinted lanyards due to the printing process used for its customization.

Improve security

Custom made lanyards are mostly used as an easy way to improve security, allowing you to identify visitors or staff without problems, as they would be wearing your custom lanyards having your logo, brand name, or any other imprints on them. 

Perfect marketing tool

When utilized at a substantial effect, custom lanyards are a flawless marketing tool. They aid in promote your business name, brand, or logo, which can lead to positive brand exposure.

Many websites

Many websites have a ‘design your own lanyard’ tool that enables their customers to experiment with different logos, colours and texts. You can then preview the full lanyard until you create the one you are most happy with.


Once you are happy with your design, this order will be shipped within 3-15 days which is depending on the level of service you select.

Any size orders

Most of these websites can now accept any size order for bespoke lanyards. All lanyards are made from a delicate, smooth polyester fabric which is durable and long-lasting. Each single lanyard will be made with a width of 20mm. Each custom made lanyard will have attached a trigger clip and safety breakaway.

Easy to order

With a company’s easy to order system and quick turnaround period can offer you a one-stop-shop for all lanyard requirements you have. The total operation will be finished on site meaning that the process is in their full control. And of course, all these companies are proud on being able to transport every order on time.


These companies endeavour to supply quality that is high with lanyards that are so durable they will always look brand new. Most of these Lanyards are made from a polyester fabric that is soft to the touch but strong retaining its shape. This polyester is locally sourced.

So, research the different businesses and decide on the company you wish to order from.