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Men Should Own Only Three Types of Sunglasses

The fashion world is at its picks, and every next day it picks up a bit higher than the previous day. Sunglasses are a big part of the fashion industry, and it completes the fashion statement of various types of wearing. Fashion companies are coming up with many designs of sunglasses, and you can’t even know how many types of sunglasses are available in the market. A common saying goes as there are more types of sunglasses on the market than the number of sunny days.

So, which sunglass would you look best on? You can’t go to the market and try every sunglass on and then buy the one that suits you. There are too many varieties of sunglasses for men. For example, square lenses, rectangle lenses, polarized, shields, transitional and mirrored are the most popular sunglasses available today. Though the shape of the face is important before buying a sunglass, how many men do really think of the shape of their face? Do you remember when last you have had thought about the shape of your face? So, without wasting any more time, let us select only three sunglasses that you would need and other all sunglasses, you can buy, but would remain inside your wardrobe or drawer only after once you used them.

  1. Aviators: This is a classic sunglass. Cops and pilots hugely like it. Aviator sunglasses works with almost every face size, oval, long or short. If you have a square jaw, the lens will look fantastic on you.
  2. Wayfarers: Ray-Ban sunglasses hit the market at the 50s, and it became an all-time best selling, and the sunglass was Wayfarers. The model was masculine and mid-century style.
  3. Clubmasters: Clubmasters are also known as “browline” glasses. It is a midcentury sunglass. It has a fusion metal and frame made of plastic.