Outdoor Tips Against Cold in Winter and How You Stay Warm Outside

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A gray sky, damp cold, and temperatures below freezing point can be quite unmotivating. Cold hands and feet, icy air burning while breathing in the lungs and tremors all over. But does one have to do without outside or hiking and trekking? Are not there a few tips against cold or freezing? I say: Definitely! But in spite of the onset of winter and frosty temperatures you still have fun with your outdoor activities. Here, I have put together these outdoor tips against cold and freezing.

Tips Against Cold and Freezing

You and I can’t circumvent the cold temperatures if we still want to move outside in autumn and winter. So what can we do to keep us comfortably warm and enjoy the fun of our outdoor activities?

Tips Against Cold 1: Onion Principle

The onion principle is well known to most and turns out to be particularly effective in the cold season. Because of instead a single very thick layer, we wear many thin layers. Between each layer of clothing is a small air poster. This serves us as insulation against the cold. And the more layers of clothing you wear, the more air pockets are created and insulate you.

A sensible division of clothing in winter can look like this (from inside to outside):

  • A short sleeved base layer made of a polyester wool
  • Long-sleeved functional shirt
  • Fleece jacket
  • Insulation jacket
  • Hardshell jacket as weather protection and windbreaker

With this combination, you should not get cold even in very cold temperatures. With active exercise or sports that is probably already too much, since you then produce much heat itself. Then it is advisable to shop winter jacket online and pull over it only in the breaks.

Outdoor Tips Against Cold

A big advantage of the onion principle is that we can always optimally adjust to the prevailing temperatures and climatic conditions. Had we only 1-2 thick layers, we would always be too warm or too cold in the worst case.

Tips Against Cold 2: Quick-Drying Clothes

In order for the onion principle to work meaningfully, it is best only to wear clothes made of materials that dry quickly. Because by the movement during (mountain) hiking, trekking or other outdoor sports, you will eventually come in winter sweat.

Then it is very important that your clothes do not soak up moisture, but effectively expel them to the outside. Otherwise, the moisture drains your body of heat and you cool off much faster. Therefore avoid wearing cotton clothing when actively exercising outdoors. Because this absorbs a lot of moisture and additionally dries very slowly. Conventional functional shirts made of polyester or merino wool are much more effective.

In order not to cool down wet in sweaty weather in winter, it makes sense to wear windproof clothing. This can be the breathable windbreaker or a waterproof hardshell. Some insulation jackets also use windproof materials as the outer fabric.

Onion Principle on The Hands

The warming principle of multi-layering can also be easily transferred to the hands. Instead of a very thick pair, you can better put on a pair of thinner finger gloves, under a pair of mittens, the same idea as the onion principle.

If you aim to have warm fingers and hands throughout, it is very important that they stay dry at all times.