Tahitian Pearls: Colors, Shapes & Beauty Facts

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There are many reasons for choosing Tahitian pearl jewelry pieces. Among other reasons, this type of pearls stands out of their large sizes. They can be as large as 18mm in diameter. Even when black is the primary color, they are available with the full-color spectrum. There are many other characteristics that make this pearl so special and so valued across the world.

Tahitian Pearl Colors

Most Tahitian pearls are referred to as black, but they aren’t actually black. They can have other true colors and still be called black. Some of the common colors include blue, brown, purple, silver, and green. While this is the body color, they can also have different overtones, making them highly versatile for different jewelry types and occasions.

The most valued of Tahitian pearls have dark green body color along with peacock overtones. It is worth knowing that these are the only naturally occurring black pearls. If you come across black freshwater and Akoya pearls, they are not naturally black but have been dyed.

Why Tahitian are Pearls So Beautiful?

These pearls stand out for their unique colors. And when it comes to colors, it is the overtones that actually play the real magic. An overtone goes over the primary body color. They provide the pearl a colorful brilliance, making it such a loved pearl worldwide. Sourced from black-lip oysters that feature all the different natural colors of the rainbow, the pearls also have a similar array of colors.


It is not just the colors; this pearl’s shapes also make it so special. These pearls are made through bead nucleation. This increases the chances that most of the pearls will be round, but only around 10% of them end up being perfectly round.

The major shape categories for Tahitian pearls are as follows:

  • Perfect Round
  • Near-perfect round
  • Circle
  • Baroque

The shapes within these non-round categories include droplets, buttons, and baroques. The perfectly round Tahitian pearls are the most precious when all other characteristics are same.

Tahitian pearls are among the most beautiful pearls you can choose for your jewelry pieces. They are versatile, precious, and beautiful. And the fact that they are sourced from some of the remotest islands in the world makes it even more special to wear them. And when it comes to choosing genuine pearls, it makes all the sense to visit a reputed site like pearlsonly.co.uk.