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The Place to Go for Unique Baby Clothe for the New Baby in Your Family

This is the best website to visit for baby clothes for the new baby. This organization is proud of the baby clothes that are made of good quality and made this South African business one unique company making unique Zippy’s for the new baby star in the family.

These clothes are made of good quality fabric and are quite unique and different. If you have several new babies due in your family soon, pre-order these baby clothes with a discount.

Virtual Platform

This website is a virtual platform that is practical as well as available for those parents who are always on the go. The effort for an easy website is to make the shopping involvement an easy and successful shopping experience from the Home Page to the checking out page. This is the perfect website to shop for baby clothes for the new little stars in your family.

Pre-order promo!

Don’t forget that currently this website is having a pre-order promotion. Simply register to use your 15% mark-down code! This is the time to get several extras for babies that will born in the future.

Well-made and unique

This Zippy’s are made of a cotton/spandex material that gives your baby support and cosiness. There is also a turn up and turn down feature around the ankles of the Zippy to keep the baby’s feet warm or cool depending on the weather or temperature in the baby’s nursery.

Another unique feature is the 2-way zipper that makes it easy for changing the baby’s diaper. No more buttons! You Little Star with look and feel like a star in this clothing. These are unique new baby clothing with all types of designs.


Note that you need to allow 10-15 working days for your order for pre-ordered items. Should you need further information on shipping rates or lead times all you need to do is email them at: