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Uggs: The Legacy Continues

The history of the Ugg boot is a long, controversial, and extensive one. To explain this, we need to go back in time to the 1920’s.

Even before they became fashion staples, they were used as sheepskin boots in rural Australia by “shearers”. This was due to the fact that shearers realised that they were highly resistant to “wool yolk”.

The term, ugg boots originates from modern day Australia. They were used predominantly as
comfort shoes in their country of origin. They gained worldwide popularity after being used by Australian surfers during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

1.  Invention

Nobody can actually claim that they invented the Ugg shoe. This is because when they were first introduced in the 1920’s, poor records concerning their invention and production were kept.

All that can be said is that they were first used and probably produced by shearers in rural Australia.

Not much can be said about the early days of Ugg shoes/boots either. The few records we have all begin in the 1960’s after they became popular within the Australian surfing community.

2. Basic Comfort Wear

It might come as a surprise to a lot of people that uggs are not considered fashionable in their country of origin.

In Australia, Uggs are worn for the sole purpose of keeping the feet warm and because they are comfortable. They are considered ‘slippers’ in Australia and New Zealand and often associated with “daggy” fashion in those countries.

It’s safe to say that Uggs have transcended to become way more than just basic slippers to be worn at home.

3. Initial Popularity

Ugg shoes and boots became a thing after Australian and New Zealand surfers helped popularise them in the US state of California.

By the year 1970, advertisements for Uggs began appearing on Californian surf themed magazines. By the middle of that decade, surf shops in southern California started to sell Uggs in limited quantities.

The turning point for the popularity of Uggs can be traced to when they were listed among Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things in the year 2000.

4. Polarizing Opinions

Ugg shoes and boots are as controversial as they come. Everyone seems to have a different
opinion about them.

There are those that love them and believe they can do no evil and there are those that get off on bringing Uggs down.

It goes without saying that Uggs are made of sheepskin. These skins were the result of sheep that had already been processed. No sheep were directly harmed as a result of Ugg production.

Uggs are making a comeback, and very little can derail that.

5. Decline

The decline in popularity of Uggs began around 2010. It was almost as if fashion movers and
shakers became tired of bulky boots. This was partly because the fashion world was oversaturated with bulky boots.

Although the fashion world wasn’t showing them as much love as they used to, quite a handful of celebrities still made used of them for their practical features.

6. High- Fashion Resurgence

The fashion world is as volatile as it gets Within a few months of going out of favor with fashionistas, the Ugg craze returned with winter.

Suddenly, Uggs became trendy again and when young models began wearing them they went from being the scourge of stylish boots to being the IT thing for all those that cared.

The fact that Uggs are back and they are here to stay is undeniable. Now the question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to get ahead of the curve?