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What Are The Top Equipment For Your Salon

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Are you going to start a salon, but worried about what are the things or equipment you need before starting a salon? In this article you can find the information regarding all those equipment that will be necessary for your salon, which helps in making it more attractive.


Furniture is very important, whether you are running spa business or any other. This helps in giving a proper treatment to the new and existing visitors. Some of the examples of such furniture are pedicure chair, a reception desk, waiting area chairs, manicure tables, water basins, mirrors, chairs to perform haircut, etc.

Combs and Brushers

You must have right pair of combs and brushes in your salon; you may need all that at any moment.  Some of the combs and brushers that you must have are:

  • Paddle Brush
  • Rattail Comb
  • Two Vent Brushes
  • Thermal Brush
  • Rake Hair Brushes

Scissors and Hair Clippers

Your customers can come to you at any time. So, you must be always ready for them. Buy some scissors and hair clippers for your salon.

Shampoo Bowls

Shampoo bowls help in making hair wash easier; in this, you can add desired amount of shampoo.


With the help of trolleys, it becomes easy for you to manage and store all your saloon’s micro tools.


The steamers or hair processors help in giving moisture to hairs. It is used after head massage or after deep conditioning treatments.

Racks for nail polish

Most salons provide services related to the nails so, for them racks are vital. They help in arranging nail polishes in a proper manner. Even though, you can also place other things in this like nail clippers, lotions, etc.

Drying Lamps

After performing any treatment related to the nails drying lamps helps in drying nails.

Why all these Equipment are necessary?

  • Helps in grabbing attention of the customers
  • Make salons more impressive
  • Helps in giving customers a positive environment

Some of the basic things that you must have in your salon are printer (helps in generating invoice), a computer, credit cards machine(used for payments), calendar, a rate card, cash register( used to make record of the cash), calculator, cash machine(for calculating cash) etc. Budget is also the most important factor while buying equipments for your salon. Always buy from the genuine and reputed spa equipment provider in your city.