What’s in a Bag? Ask a Woman

Women’s obsession and undying love for bags is something that is known by one and all. It is rare to find a woman who does not love to collect bags. One accessory that is most fashionable, functional and dependable for a woman – is a bag. One accessory that they never leave their home without – is a bag. Why? In order to know that, you need to take a peep inside a woman’s bag. Women carry their world inside their bag. Starting from the house key to mobile to even the mobile bill for the last six months to every other thing that the lady of the house needs to keep handy is secured carefully in their uber stylish bags.

Designing and manufacturing a woman’s bag requires a lot of mindful planning as well as addressing the several concerns and necessities of the women. As much as functionality, the look and style is also important for women. Right from hobos to totes to slouchy ones, there are several distinct styles to complement a professional look as well as a casual look of a woman.

The Booming Market for Bags in India

India being a hub for natural fabric, jute and leather manufacturing in the world, there are several ladies shoulder bag exporters in India. As when it comes to bags the innovation in terms of base material and design is unlimited. The ladies bags suppliers in India are always on their toes to provide the best designs in the most durable and functional variant to their target customers.

There are several international fashion brands in the world that are solely known for their collection of bags. And then there are several local artists as well that produces some of the beautiful bags that add an ethnic touch to some casual evening outing. India is the land of many indigenous art forms.  Hence, with the innumerable fashionable leather, faux leather and fabric bags there are myriads of bag that bring to life many art forms such as appliqué, embroidery, thread work, mirror work, batik print, and many more such Indian art forms.

Going by the international styles, Indian manufacturers are producing some of the best assortments that are at par with the best international brands such as Armanio, Gucci, Chenel and many more such brands. Right from being stone studded to fine leather, metal handles and many more exquisite embellishments to meet the international standards for style.

Vegan Bags                                                                                                                  

Yes you heard it right! And of course, we are not talking about diet. We are talking about bags that are not manufactured out of an animal product such as leather. Leather has long been a staple material for manufacturing bag for both men and women. And it garnered a lot of customer loyalty for being the most durable, low maintenance and long lasting material for bags. However, with rising awareness about animal protection and conservation, a lot of new bag manufacturers in the market have shifted their focus towards non-leather products.

The market for bags is so flourishing at the moment that every shoe and luggage brands have diversified into the category for women’s bags. One of the significant developments is the noticeable shift from leather products to faux leather products. Keeping the environmental and sustainability in the view, the market is slowly drifting away from the leather products. There are several domestic as well as international brands that have launched their collection for women’s hand bags that are made out of non-leather products. With this ever booming demands and the increasing purchasing power among the customers, the bag sector will only flourish in the times to come.