Worth Trying Local Foods in Lombok, Indonesia

When coming to Lombok, you might want to taste their authentic delicacies. Here are some of Lombok’s local foods that are worth to try.

  1. Sate Ikan Tanjung

Sate Ikan Tanjung is originated from Tanjung, a district of North Lombok. To seek the sellers selling this fish dish, you go in the evening or afternoon.

  1. Nasi Puyung

Nasi Puyung is mostly steamed rice — it’s usually accompanied by numerous traditional dishes, such as Ayam Muir (shredded chicken, cooked with lemongrass, chilies, and shrimp paste), Kering Kentang (crispy fried potato pieces), Tumis Kacang (sauteed string beans), and Samuel (spicy hot sauce). Add a few cooked soybeans to the garnish, and you’ve got the right meal.

  1. Bebalung

“Bebalung” means”animal bone,” and this dish consists of goat or cow ribs. This soupy meal is available during cultural festivals and always overshadows other Lombok specialties. The rods are all stewed with tamarind leaves, garlic, shallots, ginger, galangal, salt, and pepper. It’s served hot with steamed rice, lime juice, and spicy hot sauce (sambal).

  1. Ikan Bakar Pantai Nipah

One of the most excellent ways to enjoy an exotic Lombok beach is by having a bite of Ikan Bakar Pantai Nipah, which is a particular grilled fish found on Nipah Beach. Other variations include squid and shrimp and also you shouldn’t lose out on at least one of these excellent meals.

  1. Beberuk Terong

Are you currently an eggplant lover? If that’s the case, attempt Beberuk Terong, a tasty dish in two different types — the cooked and raw. The raw version is usually devoured with spicy tomato sauce and chopped string beans, whereas the cooked variant is generally roasted, shredded, and topped with hot sambal. It is excellent to eat it with steamed rice, Plecing Kangkung, and Ayam Taliwang.